EKlecticCart Content Management System

Can EKCart be used by our field technicians?

Yes! EKCart can be easily configured to allow field technicians to create orders for your customers (e.g. on a mobile phone or tablet).

Can EKCart be used by wholesalers?

Yes! EKCart can even be configured to change the terminology of the site. For example, instead of "Cart," you may want to display, "Work Order," or "Purchase Order" ... it's a simple configuration change!

Can EKCart handle complex tax scenarios?

Yes! The basic functionality of EKCart includes by-state or by-province tax zones. However, EKCart can handle different tax rates down to any level.

Can EKCart output our existing order form?

Yes! EKCart supports customer-specific customizations called "user exits." Each order can automatically generate and/or email a filled-in PDF form or XLS file ... or *any* other data format you may require. Click here to contact us for details, and to discuss your needs.

Can EKCart restrict item quantities on an order?

Yes! For example, downloadable products can be configured to never permit more than quantity 1 (otherwise the customer would be overcharged for a digital product). Coupons are another example of an item where quantity should be restricted. But these are just examples ... EKCart allows any product to be limited to any amount.

Do you offer professional consulting or support?

Yes! We can assist with implementation and customization for any size project. Click here to contact us, and to discuss your needs.

Does EKCart CMS support Markdown text?

Yes! But it is not necessary to use Markdown. All of our interfaces include a WYSIWYG text editor ("what you see is what you get") which makes content editing very easy. But for those who prefer Markdown, it is available, as well. (Our system is "EKlectic"!)

Does EKCart support coupons or discounts?

Yes! Coupons or discounts can be configured as a flat amount (e.g. "10.00 off") or as a percentage (e.g. "10% off"). Percentage coupons can be restricted to specific products, or entire product categories (e.g. "10% off all non-fiction books").

Does EKCart support premiums or add-on options?


Premiums are setup as separate products that function like the opposite of a coupon: Premiums increase the price. Premiums can be a dollar amount or a percentage. Examples of Premium type products might include Extended Warranties, Installation Service, etc.

Options are setup within a product, and can both increase or decrease the price, or leave the price unchanged.

For example, if you have a warranty product that costs "10% of the covered item," you could set it up as a Premium, and restrict the Premium to the covered item (or an entire category of items, i.e. "Extended Warranty for all computer monitors").

As another example, let's say you sell a "box of something," like a box of 1,000 flyers. In this case, you could configure the product with a quantity Option that would increase the price for higher quantities ("quantity 2,000" adds $10.00 to the quantity 1,000 price, "quantity 3,000" adds $15.00, etc.)

You might also want options that don't change the price ... no problem! For example, if you sell a product that is available in different colors, you might setup a color Option with zero dollars. Your customer could then choose their favorite color from the options you configure: Red, Blue, Beige, etc.

How many items can be placed into the EKCart?

EKCart does not have a built-in limit to the number of items that can be placed in the shopping cart. However, the EKCart "Instant Cart" uses browser cookies to store its current items. And because web browsers limit the size of cookies, EKCart does not have the ability to add more items than the browser can handle. Because of these browser limits, we have optimized our system to store as little information as necessary, thus maximizing the amount of items that can be placed into the cart. In practice, this means that EKCart can usually handle approximately 100 line items per order, and each line item can have an unlimited quantity. This should be more than adequate for most businesses.

Our company has complex requirements. Can you help?

Yes! Besides the "over-the-counter" features of EKCart, we can customize or create brand new modules to meet nearly any requirements. We also have in-depth experience in process engineering, automation, and B2B technologies, and can assist in simplifying your order workflow. Click here to contact us to discuss your needs.

What about handwritten signatures?

EKCart has a built-in signature block for handwritten signatures. While this is intended for "finger signatures" on mobile devices, it also works on desktop computers with a mouse or trackpad.