EKlectic Cart Content Management System

EKlectic Cart CMS (EKCCMS) is the full-featured E-Commerce package built upon the EKlectic Core CMS framework.

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EKCCMS In Action.

"A demo is worth a thousand words."

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EKlectic Cart Design Philosophy

EKCCMS was designed with three governing priorities:

1) The customer experience. We believe that the software should serve the customer's needs and expectations first. This means reducing screen "clutter," and offering intuitive controls for the customer's shopping experience. In other words, we believe the customer should not need a user manual to go shopping.

2) The administrative experience. We believe that operating an e-commerce site should be easy and fast. The administrative user should be able to focus on their business and customers. With this in mind, we strive to create administrative interfaces where you can add products, display promotions, and perform other administrative activities quickly and as intuitive as possible. To facilitate this, each configuration option has context-sensitive help, and each module has specific configuration instructions on the screen. In other words, the administrative manual is built in to the site in the places where you may need it.

3) Extensibility. The internet is a competitive marketplace where online stores strive to set themselves apart. We believe that you should have the right to extend the software you use without losing support for the core system. Obviously, you must have the technical skills to write code. But for developers, EKCCMS has a "friendly" API for writing custom modules. More information on this topic can be found here.

EKCCMS Highlights

Eklectic Core Commerce is not merely a content management system for online stores. It is actually a full-featured and configurable web application.

Instant Cart: Customers can add items to their cart instantly.
Product Presentation: The product presentation page includes a large product image, and adjusts the popup image size when viewing on mobile devices.
Mobile Devices: Speaking of mobile devices, the site has been designed for a comfortable shopping experience on mobile pads and phones! And admins can even make the mobile content completely separate from the main content if necessary.
Coupons/Promos: Complex Coupons and Promos can be configured to meet specific requirements. For example, you can easily configure a promo that requires a customer to purchase X number of items from a specific category in order to receive a discount. And by using the "Add To Cart Code" module, you can offer the promo to only specific customers.
Premiums: Premiums are products that can increase the charges to the customer by a specific amount or percentage of the total. For example, if you wanted to offer an extended warranty that costs an additional 5% of the product total you would configure it as a "premium" type product with a 5% value. You can further restrict the premium to a specific product id, product type, or product category.
Product Blocks: Product blocks are how we display many products at once without using up the screen "real estate." Using our side-scolling product block, your customers can focus on the products they're interested in without distraction. And from an administrative perspective, you can customize specific product to appear or let the system choose random products from criteria that you choose.
Shipping Packages: During checkout, items with similar shipping options are grouped into "packages," and each package can have its own shipping method. Several shipping modules are already built into the system (e.g. UPS, Media Mail, Local Delivery, and Downloads), and other modules are already in development.
Easier downloads: Downloadable products are very easy to purchase and download. You can offer instant downloads for those paying online, or you can accept orders with other payment methods that cannot be downloaded until the order is manually processed and confirmed.
One-Step Checkout: All checkout info has been summarized in a simple format making checkout for existing customers incredibly quick and easy!
Saved Payment Types
and Customer Info:
EKCCMS stores payment and customer details so that repeat customers can checkout in as little as three clicks! Saving this info is not only convenient, it is far more secure since there is no more need for customers t transmit payment details for every order. They simply select their saved payment method, and the rest is processed behind the scenes. And your customers can rest assured that all payment details are stored with a complex encryption algorithm to safeguard sensitive information. And not only are the encryption keys are different for each EKCCMS installation, administrators can define their own keys if they prefer.
Order Status Emails: Administrators can quickly update an order's status, and with one click send an attractive HTML-formatted email to notify the customer.
Automatic Updates: Registered users enjoy access to EKCCMS Automatic Updates. In just "two clicks," new features and bug fixes are rolled out to your site.
JSON Back-end: EKCCMS uses AJAX in the back-end to make the customer experience feel snappy on the front-end. Tax rates, state lists, shipping estimates, and more: this data is all transferred as JSON objects without new screen loads during checkout. (If you don't know what JSON is, let's just say that it's "technical awesomeness.")